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About Mahlon G. Erickson
Mahlon's interest in genealogy was ignited as a teenager when he discovered that he shared a birthday with his great-grandfather.

This photo was taken at the grave of Samuel White, his Revolutionary War ancestor.
Personal Biography
Mahlon started researching his family history at age 15 (1975) on a visit to his grandmother. His first visit to the Oklahoma Historical Society Library was in late summer of 1975.

He served as corresponding secretary for the Payne County Genealogical Society for over 10 years. Mahlon wrote "Of Days Past..." a genealogy column in the Stillwater NewsPress for about 10 years. He published the Beckwith Newsletter for 20 years. Mahlon has published several volumes on north central Oklahoma records, most notably "Payne County OK Cemetery Index" and the "Pawnee County OK Cemetery Index".

He is a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War graves registration committee for 15 years. He also is the Graves Registration Officer for Department of Oklahoma SUVCW for 10 years. Mahlon’s current major project is a Pre-1920 Death Index for all of what is now Oklahoma (currently at 602,000+ entries). 

Mahlon taught Jr. High Science in Stillwater for 23 years. He left the education field and was a geologist in OKC for 7 years. He returned to education and was a Physical Science and Environmental Science teacher at Emerson Alternative High School in OKC. He is now pursuing a career in the private sector.